How Do I Sell My Security Guard Company?

Enlisting a qualified broker to represent you ensures that you are familiar enough with the market to make intelligent business decisions.

Are you wondering how to sell your security guard company and looking for sound information on when is the right time to sell and how much to sell for? You’ve most likely been building your business up over a period of years and maybe looking to reap the rewards for your hard work.

No doubt you have your own opinions about what your business is worth and how to go about facilitating a sale, and that makes total sense. After all, this could be one of your life’s most important business transactions. Often times, owners of small and mid-sized security guard companies accept the very first offer that comes their way. You have a very emotional investment in selling your security business, and it’s easy to not be thinking completely rationally. But after growing your company and making it successful, the last thing you want to experience is seller’s remorse after selling your company for less than it was worth.

Using a broker as an intermediary provides a voice of reason for the seller. When deciding on the best broker, it’s extremely important to not only find a broker that is a recognized expert in the security company industry, but also one that has industry-specific knowledge when it comes to valuations. It’s imperative that your broker knows the potential buyers and exactly how much security guard companies are worth.

Security ProAdvisors is a knowledgeable broker that specializes in the security guard industry and will ensure that you don’t leave money on the table after finalizing the sale. Security ProAdvisors provides sophisticated knowledge of the current security business marketplace and the latest industry valuations for companies. We are familiar with a wide array of buyers and have successfully negotiated multiple industry sales. Generic brokers with experience in other industries may understand the process in a general sense, but without specific industry knowledge that Security ProAdvisors possesses, you may not receive the highest value.

Without performing due diligence like larger companies do, you may undervalue your company. Security ProAdvisors will perform the due diligence to identify the market value of your business, identify buyers and obtain the best price for your company.


The experience of Security ProAdvisors Principal Keith Oringer is not only limited to transactions on the buyer and seller side in the security guard industry, but he has also managed large security operations and is highly familiar with the industry. In addition, he is a certified public accountant.

Security ProAdvisors also will act as a buffer between you and seller, and thus assist in keeping greater confidentiality about your company while the business transaction is underway. The seller is quite often reluctant to inform a potential buyer about confidential details of their business, including personal accounts and profitability. Security ProAdvisors know from our experience exactly which cards to put on the table and which ones to protect. We will act as your confidante and lay out your security company’s history, story, and attractiveness to your potential buyer in the most positive and appealing possible way.

Be assured that the fee spent on a qualified security company brokerage service will be recouped many times over. A broker with expertise in the security industry such as Security ProAdvisors knows how to get your company the best price. We guarantee to get you a higher price than if you went into the sales process on your own. Representing yourself in this very important business transaction might seem to be penny-wise, but in the end it’s definitely dollar-foolish.

If you asking yourself “How Do I Sell My Security Guard Company?”, you have come to the right place because this is exactly what we specialize in. Call Keith Oringer at Security ProAdvisors at (908) 470-0027 for a free consultation. We look forward to helping you!