Brokerage & Valuation

Are You Selling Your Security Company?

Our brokerage service utilizes a comprehensive approach, so that our clients can execute strategic moves to maximize value for the best outcome.

  • Planning an Exit Strategy—determining the right way and time to sell your business
  • Sizing Up the Divestiture— performing a full analysis and valuation
  • Maximizing Business Value— Preparing a one to two-year plan for increasing value
  • Providing a Global Network–Security ProAdvisors has worldwide contacts in the security industry and thus the global capacity to represent companies in North America, Europe, South America, and beyond.
  • Identifying the Best Buyer—undertaking a thorough analysis to ensure you find the right merger or acquisition match for your security or alarm company business

Bottom line, Security ProAdvisors brings proven industry executive experience. We have been in your shoes, know your day-to-day life and the challenges you face, and we can help create value.

In the interim step before a sale, we can help increase your value through strategic moves. We can evaluate your financial statements, cash flow, profitability, sales, client retention, insurance policies, and other expenses to point you in the right direction—even if you’re not planning to sell for another year or two.

Whether the economy is growing or contracting, we can advise how to take your company in the right direction.

If you’ve reached a plateau, we can recommend other potential markets adjacent to your areas of expertise. If your receivables are out a long time, or your profit margins are low, we can advise shifts in your operating areas, types of accounts, and site sizes that can help to enliven your mix of clientele.

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