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Security Industry Verticals

Representing Sellers in the following Security Verticals:

Security Guard firms protect clients’ people, property and assets from unsafe behavior, fires, floods or natural disasters, criminal activity such as trespassing, theft or property damage, and more.

Security System Integration firms design, source, install, maintain and service turnkey physical and cyber security solutions, including scalable systems for video monitoring, access control, fire/perimeter alarm, life safety, IT security, operations centers, and more.

Cyber Security Services firms provide managed information technology security against viruses, hacking and other IT threats through remote monitoring, incident notification and response, malware analysis, post-incident certification, and more.

Security Video Monitoring firms monitor clients’ video camera systems from an operations center in real time, alerting mobile security or law enforcement when unusual activity triggers an alert via motion sensors, facial recognition or other analytics software.

Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) firms provide clients with situational awareness, incident response, testing of security systems, technician dispatch, response to service requests and other services on an outsourced, software as a service (SaaS) basis.

Security Company Consulting, Investigation and Personal Protection firms provide risk and threat assessment of businesses, organizations and people, protection of at-risk individuals, background screening, security awareness training, private investigations, and more.

Company Mission & Philosophy of
Security ProAdvisors, LLC

To provide superior security company broker and consulting services to aid our clients in making good, cost-effective choices; maintain clear and continuous communication and recommendations; and remain true to our guiding principles:

  • Honesty - towards our clients, vendors, and partners

  • Integrity - to honor our commitments and always do what we promise

  • Trust - ensuring that our clients can count on us

Security ProAdvisors has an extensive network of former chief financial officers, controllers, and operating executives all of which have worked in the security guard industry.